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In the modern world, it is quite common to meet such women for whom sex is a very desirable occupation, but during it they do not have any desires. In other words, representatives of the fair sex simply do not feel arousal while in bed with their sexual partner. What to do in such a situation? Some sexologists recommend using special tools that can increase the level of sexual desire. Let’s look further at the list of the best stimulating creams for women, which, if desired, can be bought in pharmacies in the city.

Why is the level of arousal decreasing?

Before starting to consider the list of the best means that have a positive effect on the level of desire of the fair sex, it is necessary to determine which circumstances most often affect the decrease in the level of female attraction.

These, first of all, include emotional disorders, depression and stress, as well as settled misunderstandings between permanent partners. In some cases, the basis of the problem lies at the level of health and consists in changing the hormonal background, the formation of chronic pathologies, as well as constant smoking and the use of large quantities of drugs and alcoholic beverages. Experts in the field of women’s health, as well as sexologists, assure that the level of arousal can also decrease if a woman uses hormonal pills, sleeping pills or sedatives.

Experts in the field of medicine note that eliminating the root of the problem sometimes eliminates the need to use stimulating creams for women, as well as other means that have a similar effect.

The principle of action of stimulating creams

The correct use of the means of the type in question allows the fair sex to feel all the delights of sexual intercourse, as well as to feel a long orgasm. However, in order to achieve the desired result, you must clearly follow the instructions in the process of using the tool.

If we talk specifically about the stimulating cream for women, then the product must be applied to the area located in the genital area with a very thin layer. After 5-10 minutes, its active components begin to act, as a result of which the woman experiences pleasant sensations.

The peculiarity of the effects of the agents in question is that, when they get on the skin, they begin to have an active effect on the blood circulation process in a certain area.

It should be noted that the components contained in the composition of the pathogen cream do not have the property of accumulating in the body. Moreover, they are perfectly compatible with medicines of different groups. The product does not have a negative impact on human health and is not addictive.

Let’s look further at the best stimulating creams for women that can be purchased in city pharmacies or in specialty stores.

Happy Lady

Happy Lady is a product that is considered safe for women’s health and a fairly effective tool that can significantly increase the level of sexual desire. Moreover, the cream can be used during real sex marathons.

The peculiarity of the Happy Lady product is that the composition of this cream includes exclusively natural ingredients, including essential oils. The reviews about Happy Lady say that the advantage of the product is its pleasant aroma and smooth, delicate texture.

Gynecologists very often recommend this cream to their patients, because because of its natural composition, Happy Lady has almost no contraindications, and in the process of using it, side effects are quite rare.

“Rain of love”

It is necessary to apply this remedy a couple of minutes before the start of sexual contact. The recommendations of some sexologists say that it can be applied both to the clitoris and to the penis of a partner. The feelings obtained as a result of intercourse with the use of the remedy in question are significantly enhanced at the moment of ejaculation, which is especially liked by consumers of the cream.

The cream with the name “Rain of Love” is strictly prohibited for use by pregnant women, as well as those who suffer from herpes manifestations. It should be applied in a minimum amount, carefully rubbing into the area of the erogenous zone.


Shiatsu is a high-class stimulating cream for women.

The remedy has one distinctive feature — its action is not aimed at irritating the clitoris and other erogenous zones on the body, but at significantly narrowing the walls of the vagina. The reviews about Shiatsu say that the tool is perfect for those who want not only to strengthen sexual desire, but also to bring something new into sexual life.

Apply the cream in question in a small amount, carefully rubbing it into the labia region.

Viamax Warm

In the list of the most high-quality stimulating creams for women, Viamax Warm very often occupies a leading position. In the comments left in his address, it is very often said that the product has an ideal effect not only on the formation of sexual desire in a woman, but also on giving brightness to her feelings experienced during intercourse. In reviews of Viamax Warm, it is often noted that when using it, it is quite easy to experience multiple orgasms, which will also be very long and incredibly strong.

The composition of Viamax Warm includes exclusively natural ingredients made on a plant basis. Experts in the field of medicine strongly recommend using it together with a condom.


And finally, another original remedy that is largely able to enhance a woman’s sexual arousal is Madame cream. Its composition includes natural extracts from plant components – aphrodisiacs.

In reviews of Madame, it is very often noted that this tool allows you to experience vivid multi-orgasms that are remembered for a long time. The main feature of the cream is that it also helps to combat such a phenomenon as vaginal dryness, which overtakes almost every woman after 30 years.

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