Indian pills for weight loss are the most effective. What are Ayurvedic remedies for weight loss

According to the principles of the doctrine of life with more than 5 thousand years of history, the basis of human health is the balance of the three doshas. To achieve it, it is necessary to regularly cleanse the body of ana (toxins), stimulate digestion and maintain the tone of the spirit. It is for these purposes that Ayurvedic drugs for weight loss work. Their set may differ for you personally (triphala, vitamin complexes, individual active substances in capsules and tablets, natural oils from India for external use), but they all meet the 5 main requirements:

  • naturalness (the base of all products – plant extracts, oils, decoctions and infusions);
  • safety (adjusted proportions);
  • eco-friendliness (Indian weight loss products are created from crops grown in the most environmentally friendly areas, harvested by hand, dried and processed in time);
  • effectiveness (concentration of active ingredients, which can be Indian gooseberry, “thief of diseases” haritaki, guggul);
  • complex action.

More than a perfect figure

The composition of Ayurvedic remedies for weight loss has a positive systemic effect on health. It activates metabolic processes and accelerates digestion, preventing undigested foods from accumulating, which turn into toxic substances.

With regular intake, supplements normalize blood parameters, speeding up blood flow, equalizing pressure, improving oxygen supply of tissues and organs. Along with weight normalization, all this gives amazing results in terms of skin rejuvenation, overall tone, mood.

Forms of drugs for weight loss

Dietary supplements for weight normalization come in different forms. To get a faster effect, experts recommend taking powder preparations (churna). If you are a busy person and you simply do not have time to prepare a mixture in the morning / evening, use convenient Indian pills for weight loss. They are perfectly combined with most medications and can be supplemented with Ayurvedic drugs for women’s health if you lose weight while preparing for pregnancy. Capsules, jams, churn – choose the option that you like.

Ayurveda spices for weight loss. WEIGHT LOSS IN AYURVEDA

At the first stage of the disease, simple adherence to the daily routine, diet and lifestyle prescribed to calm the Kapha dosha and representatives of the Kapha constitution will help to cope with obesity. At the second stage, when excess weight turns into obesity, and a person has a food addiction (addiction), it is necessary to individually select a complex therapy that will help not only reduce weight, but also cope with the painful addiction of the mind to food and the patient’s tendency to serve his habits.

The Ayurvedic diet for weight loss is based not on the calculation of the caloric content of food, but on the knowledge of how food has an impact on the gross and subtle energies that support human life. Here are some simple examples.

The main problem of overweight people is addiction to sweets. However, Ayurveda does not recommend strictly limiting yourself in the consumption of sweet taste, because in this case the body will be saturated, and the mind and senses will not be satisfied. A good substitute for sweet is honey aged for more than a year. Although it has the same caloric content as fresh honey, it promotes better absorption of nutrients, dries, which is especially valuable in case of an imbalance of wet Kapha, reduces fat, promotes weight loss.

We will observe the same picture if we try to compare wheat and barley, the caloric content of which is not too different.
Wheat is sweet, cold, heavy and therefore unbalances Kapha and is not suitable for obesity.
Barley is astringent, sweet, but has a sharp vipak (action after assimilation), helps to reduce the volume of adipose tissue, dries.
Thus, a person who wants to gain weight should eat wheat porridge and wheat flour bread, and a person who wants to lose weight should eat barley porridge and barley flour bread.

In general, food that promotes weight loss in the first stage should have a sharp, bitter and astringent taste, dryness, lightness, warmth. In the second stage of the disease, on the contrary, by severity, in order to suppress the fire of digestion and ensure long-term digestion, as well as low nutritional value and dryness.
Corn, which is similar in properties to barley, is ideal. All kinds of millet (millet), cooked in water and without sugar with spices.
From legumes: mash (mung dal) and red lentils, which are light, dry and soothe Kapha and Pitta at the same time.
It is better to limit the consumption of dairy products. Completely exclude cheese and cottage cheese from the diet, which increase all three doshas.
Almost all vegetables are recommended for consumption, except potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins.

Vegetable oils are preferable from oils. Especially mustard ( ginger ) and sesame .

In the first stage of the disease, spices will be the best helpers, and in the second stage they should be used with caution so as not to provoke an increase in the activity of the digestive fire.

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