Wellness as a lifestyle: taking care of a person’s physical and emotional state

A healthy lifestyle has gained incredible popularity among many people.

If earlier it was considered fashionable to live at night, drink alcohol and other intoxicating substances, now more and more people are striving to improve their health through sports and proper nutrition.

The style that combines not only the care of your physical body, but also about mood and emotional state, is called Wellness.

The history of the Wellness direction

The world became aware of such a concept as Wellness in 1960. The first time this name was mentioned by the American Dr. Halbert Dani. For the first time, he outlined the basic concepts and essence of the new direction.

At first, wellness interested only specialists in the field of beauty and health (doctors, SPA specialists, etc.). But over time, the new technique had a large number of fans who spread not only in the United States.

The person who influenced the popularity of wellness was himself a follower of the Wellness lifestyle. It was Paul Zane Pilzer, an American professor who was interested in longevity and health issues.

Pilzer’s books about Wellness have gained worldwide fame. In them, the author outlined all the advantages of this direction. In one of his books, the professor expressed his confidence in the success of wellness in the near future.

Pilzer was not mistaken. The two thousandth years became the peak of the passion for this direction. The income in the field of beauty and health exceeded $ 1 trillion.

Every year the number of wellness followers is getting bigger. Sports and proper nutrition, along with spiritual harmony, have become the daily norm for millions of people around the world.

Basic rules in the concept of Wellness direction

The word “Wellness”  came from two words “be well”, which can be translated as “feel good”.

In these two words lies the whole concept of wellness. To be happy and successful, you just need to feel good.

Wellness is not only about daily sports, it is a lifestyle in which sport is one important component of many others.

In order to understand what wellness is, you need to start with changes in your life:

  • introduce proper nutrition into your life;
  • exercise regularly;
  • quit all your addictions;
  • make a daily routine for yourself;
  • take care of the development of the soul;
  • avoid overwork;
  • use vitamin complexes.

The difference between wellness and fitness

Wellness is often confused with fitness, but wellness and fitness are different concepts. Vegetarianism or the use of any dietary supplements are also often attributed to wellness.

But Wellness includes everything related to wellness and well-being. This is a comprehensive program that you need to adhere to all your life.

Living according to the principles of Wellness, it is impossible to get enough sleep for a week, eat quality food and do fitness, and then break down and drink 2 liters of alcohol, smoke a pack of cigarettes and eat all this fatty fast food.

A person who wants to join the Wellness system should adopt the philosophy of the direction, the concept of which includes the following points:

  • Life in Motion;
  • Intellectual development;
  • The ability to relax in time;
  • Taking care of your body;
  • Power mode;
  • Mental and emotional development.

Movement means movement not only during sports, but also in everyday life. A person should avoid inertia and prefer active actions to inaction. A person who does not develop his intellect will not be able to adhere to the wellness system.

It is very important to be able to abstract from external stressful circumstances. Everything that reduces the stress level in the body is also included in this item: elimination of sleep deprivation, relaxing wellness spa techniques.

Spiritual life is an important component for any person. Physical health is inextricably linked with mental state. A person has a huge choice for the development of his spiritual life.

What equipment will you need for a wellness workout?

Wellness simulators are divided into two categories: demanding efforts and absolutely passive. The second most favorite among fans of the wellness system for women.

Practicing on active simulators, a person experiences physical exertion, and when using passive ones, he rests and relaxes.

Each simulator is designed for a specific impact, and all of them harmoniously complement the impact on a person.

Active wellness simulators

Active wellness simulators help strengthen the muscular corset. Classes on them require some physical effort.

The group of active simulators includes:

  • Toned feet. The simulator has two parts: mobile and static. While one holds the body in a supine position, the second performs exercises.
  • Vibration platforms. Thanks to vibration, all the muscles of the body contract with minimal load.
  • Exercise bikes. Such simulators simulate horseback riding.

The essence of simulators is not to burden the spine and joints, but at the same time train the muscles.

Wellness simulators are passive:

  • Pressotherapy. With the help of special clothing, there is a wave effect on the muscles.
  • Roller massagers. The subcutaneous fat layer is massaged and broken down.
  • Massage chairs. Relax and unwind effortlessly.
  • Infrared pants. Microwaves warm up the body and improve the functioning of the circulatory system.

Any busy person is unlikely to find the strength to exercise with weights after work or get up 2 hours earlier for a jog.

Velness simulators are unique in that a tired person has the opportunity to rest on them, while losing extra pounds. Such simulators are the only possibility of normal training for busy people.

Wellness system of centenarians

If you look closely at the stories and stories of famous centenarians, you can find in their biography and daily life similarities with the wellness system.

When centenarians are asked to give advice to young people, they say that you need to be kinder and simpler, do at least some kind of sports, work hard, take care of your health and eat right.
What is it, if not Wellness?


Wellness is a whole colorful world, it is different for everyone, because the philosophy of this system does not dictate strict rules to anyone that must be strictly observed.

How exactly to follow the concept of the system is chosen by the person himself. Neither his taste preferences, nor the choice of physical activity, nor religious views matter at all.

Everything that leads to health and peace of mind is suitable for those who want to adhere to the wellness system.

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